Fire in the Mountain 2017


FULL PRICE Adult Weekend Ticket = £125 inc. Booking Fees AND £5 Recycling Deposit

Early Bird Weekend Adult Tickets on Sale!  Click Here!

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ONLINE TICKETS: We are offering limited "Friends"or "Early Bird" tickets until some point in the New Year. These are advertised only to people who have been before by email, or on the Facebook group - and of course anyone who has heard about the festival and really wants to come. We'd like to sell out of tickets before taking advertising to keep the event small and intimate.

LOCALS TICKETS: Available IN PERSON ONLY from Andy's Records, Aberystwyth - available from 21st November. In 2017 we are only having day tickets for the Sunday of the event, available in advance IN PERSON from Andy's Records in Aberystwyth or from the box office during the event. Day Tickets can sell out so we advise purchasing in advance. Kids are free with Sunday Day Tickets.

NEIGHBOUR TICKETS: For those living in our immediate locality within 2 miles (Aber Magwr, Cnwch Coch, Llanfihangel Y Creuddyn, Trawsgoed), please sign up for tickets with Caitlin. Please email Caitlin Once on the list, you will be able to pick up your wristbands at the box office when you arrive. DO NOT DO THIS IN THE PUB WHERE SHE WORKS - ONLY VIA EMAIL.

This is a ticket only event. Due to high demand, we will not be selling weekend tickets at the festival. Please ensure you have purchased your ticket in advance before making the journey. Wristband checks will be made.

We are selling tickets direct through this website via PayPal (all payment details are securely handled by PayPal and we don't see these). The advantage here is you pay face value and we absorb the costs. Disadvantage is that it's a slightly clunky system and you have to carefully follow all the steps to complete the checkout.


Refund policy

We have revised our refund policy in line with our trusting and loving philosophy and therefore offer refunds on tickets purchased through the website only.  We will deduct our costs (on average 4% of ticket price) and refund you through paypal. We understand that circumstances can change between ticket purchase and the event however please bear in mind that we need to spend the majority of the ticket income in advance in order to put on this wonderful event so there could be a delay of up to 14 days in processing your request for cancellation. Final date for cancellations is Friday 26th May.



We invite you to the Fire in the Mountain TÂn yn y Mynydd.

Located on an ancient farm between the foothills of the magnificent Cambrian Mountains and the beautiful coast of Cardigan bay, at the end of the Mountain Road from Aberystwyth to Rhayader.

Join us in bringing this ancient kingdom alive once again in another magical gathering of hearts, minds, and music in the Valley of the Chagelings.

2017 Film:

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Fire in the Mountain 2018 Line up so far

Henge (Manchester), Afriquoi (UK and Africa), The Zong Zing All Stars (DRC), Ben Somers String Band, Martin Simpson (UK), Silken Same (Ireland), Mikey Kenny, Stray Local (NC, USA), Sheelanagig (Bristol), Dila V and the Odd Beats (Middle East), The Langan Band (Scotland), Carny Villains (Bristol), Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow, Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith, Wanton String Band, Judelman Express Way (USA), and more to come….

There’s a couple of really expensive amazing head liners I am really excited to tell you about, but they are all being really slow in confirming, which is a bit annoying as they are really expensive.. I guess that’s the price of being really amazing!

Waste Management

In 2017 we totally smashed it by introducing the Recycling Disco and a deposit system whereby festival attendees spend 30 mins helping us actually sort the waste. This resulted in off the charts levels of recycling going back into the system, and we dropped from 2 and a half skips in 2016 to HALF A SKIP in 2017! Unprecedented. Well, we’re up for improving the system and having even more fun in the Recycling Disco… please support

Reusable Everything….
In the past we paid a fortune for eco friendly compostable cups (and even their compostibility is debatable), we then paid for people to pick up and sort all the waste, and then paid for it to be transported and dumped in landfill. Essentially we paid good money to create a mountain of waste. Doesn’t make sense. We’ve invested heavily in reusable plates, bowls, cutlery and hot drinks cups. Traders and our central kitchen will be bringing extra hands to help with the washing up. Please support this initiative. There is no deposit system or anything, you just have to return your plates and cutlery to the trader. We do need help running this – so consider joining our volunteer teams.. it’s a lot of washing up but the washing up stations are in front of the music stages so you miss no music!


Wood Fired Cob Ovens, providing fresh pizzas and fresh bread.
Delicious Food locally sourced
Healing Area, Sauna, cold river plunge pool and bathing, and contemporary therapies.
Local Ales and Ciders from our Barn Bar
Music and Dance Workshops in the Workshop Yurt
Children’s Activities: Storytelling, crafts, treasure hunts and much more at the Family Tent
Jam Sessions galore!
Festival Forum Marquee with hot drinks and chai + open stage for bands and jams
Welsh Culture Day

Sunday 3rd of June will focus on Welsh Culture, Music, Art and Food. Market of Local Arts and Crafts 10am – 2pm in the courtyard. Headline performances from the best in Welsh Folk Bands.

Book a Market Stall for Sunday 3rd June 2018

We are seeking local crafts people and food producers to have stalls at our festival market on Sunday between 10am-2pm. Also, if you are a traditional crafts person, please get in touch, we'd love to have demonstrations. Email

Our FREE programme of workshops take place in a beautiful 20 foot round yurt in the Valley. Music workshops on a host of different instruments, Dance, Song, Slow Jammin' sessions, Yoga, amongst many others. Many of the workshop leaders are musicians performing at the festival. There are more workshops in The Woodland Yurt. We will this year again be hosting our Crafts Workshops with a host of crafts – distilling, fire by friction, natural dyeing, carving, green woodwork, and loads more to be confirmed
Volunteers – We Need you! Get Involved!

Fire in the Mountain is a registered Not For Profit organisation, run by a collective of volunteers. Our aims are to create a sustainable annual festival event, to raise money for and finance repairs and maintenance to the glorious Farm. Volunteers have food and drink supplied during their work days.

We are seeking volunteers to get involved and join one of our many teams: Production, Site, Catering, Stewarding, Decor, etc. Some roles involve work at the event, and some work before and after (but not during).

Waste Management: We need to recruit 12 people to help with all our recycling and waste management. We are aiming to recycle 95% of all waste. Since this is such a crucial role, we are offering travel stipend, fully catered the whole and a small wage.

Stewarding: We need to recruit 40 stewards, the eyes and ears of the festival, to help keep everything running smootly. Stewards work a total of 18 hours across the weekend.

Production and Set Up: We have 20 places for people to help work on the site before the event. Why not come early, get stuck in, and have the weekend off? These roles involve arriving on the Monday before and working until Thursday Evening.

If you would like to get involved, or indeed, have any particular skills to offer, please complete this handy form.

Food & Drink

We are providing the best in locally sourced food at the festival – any ingredients we are able to source locally we will. All food is reasonably priced and ethically sourced, with minimal packaging. We implore you to eat food served on site to help cut down on food brought on site, waste and food miles.

Our Bars are stocked with the finest of local ales and cider - and the selection improves every year as we seek out the best brews. Currently Purple Moose and Cader Ales are favourites!

Cider comes custom brewed from

Keep a keen eye out for the Sipping the Velvet Speakeasy serving infusions and cocktails.


We welcome our furry friends but dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times. Poop must be scooped straight away and disposed of responsibly in the area provided. There are lots of animals, children and other dogs at the festival and we want everyone to feel safe. There are plenty of great walking areas bordering the site. Please be aware that you will be asked to leave the festival if you don't comply with this and we don't really want to have to do that. Lastly, due to the presence of livestock in adjoining fields, we recommend you remain vigilant at all times, as farmers do not take kindly to distress to their livestock.

Disabled Access

Please let us know if you have any special requirements and we'll be glad to help out. Most of the main site is on flat ground with some uneven surfaces which are slippy when muddy. We try our best to improve the ground under these circumstances. The courtyard by the main stage is quite stoney but wheelchair accessible. The Dingly Dell, Healing Area and Workshop Tent are down a sloped track which is best avoided when muddy. Stewards will be patrolling regularly and can provide information and assistance. We provide accessible washing and toilet facilities.


There are two camping areas: Quiet and Family camping in the main paddock, near to car park, and Adventure Camping (short walk from main gate). The camping field opens to the public at noon on Thursday 2nd June, and closes to the public on Monday 6th June at noon.
Hire A Tent

Traditional Canvas Bell Tents available for hire (4 person). Bell tents will be pitched ready for your arrival in one of the sites beautiful meadows on the banks of a stream, with ample shade and access to facilities. No bedding or mattresses included. The tents are available from 12noon Thursday 2nd June to 12noon Monday 6th June. If campers who are hiring one of our tents would like to hire for an additional period immediately after the festival then please email in for further details.

Hire fee is being determined. For further information and booking email

Traditional Canvas Bell Tents available for hire either Furnished (4 person) or unfurnished. Bell tents will be pitched ready for your arrival in one of the sites beautiful meadows on the banks of a stream, with ample shade and access to facilities. No bedding or mattresses included. The tents are available from 12noon Thursday 2nd June to 12noon Monday 6th June. If campers who are hiring one of our tents would like to hire for an additional period immediately after the festival then please email in for further details.

Please contact your host David Winterflood

Families & Children

We've upgraded the Family Area to now include 2 tents – one for babies and one for children!

This is not a pop up tent and can of Carling festival: the farm is in remote mid-Wales, in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains. We recommend you bring a good quality waterproof tent (you will probably get cold and wet and have a shit time in one of those crap tents from a supermarket), something warm to sleep on and in, sturdy boots with ankle support, waterproof bottoms and tops, a torch, sun cream, your swimwear, and an instrument.


The bus will be leaving London Paddington (outside the Hilton Hotel) @ 10am on Friday 2nd, with a stop off/ collection at Bristol en rout to Wales at 1pm (depart 1.15pm), outside the Hippodrome Theatre.

It'll do the reverse on the return on Monday.

Shuttles will leave every couple of hours from and to Aberystwyth Train station and cost £2 per journey (Cost Price).


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In 2017, our 7th Festival, we finally turned a profit. Incredible. So much work has been done to The Farm to look after it, fix roofs, landscape, and cultivate. We are aiming to use these proceeds to do some more work on The Farm to facilitate volunteers to attend throughout the year to enjoy the land and peaceful surroundings – tentatively we are aiming to build a permanent compost loos and shower unit and a “family room” with woodburning stove.. There may be further camping opportunities ahead!


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