Vera van Heeringen

 Vera is originally from Holland, but now settled in the hills of northern Powys, Wales. 

She is well known for her big guitar sound and has worked on the acoustic music scene in 
Europe for the last decade and developed a reputation as a strong back-up player on guitar, bass and fiddle in several Cajun and old-time bands. Vera plays with The Flatville Aces and toured with Sheryl Cormier, the late Eddie LeJeune and Dirk Powell. 
She will pick up any instruments new to her in order to get the sound and feel of projects she’s involved in and currently plays mandolin/guitar with singer-songwriter Sharon King with whom she recently recorded Nothing = Everything.
She was a member of the New Rope String Band for over five years and charmed many an audience across the country. The straight-faced guitar-picking lady has now left the comedy to one side and has just released her debut album, Standing Tall. She is Dutch, after all. This time we get to hear her do her own songs and tunes. With rhythm at the heart of the music, honest and touching lyrics, melodies always that slight bit crooked. The drive of old-time, the clarity of bluegrass and the swing and ease of musicians having a great time. Recorded at home on vintage microphones by the great Andy Bell, with and among great musical friends and collaborators, good food and good times, the fruits of the project are great and lush. Real music with a raw energy.
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