Orchard Twmpath Dance Band (Corelw)



…..Are six highly accomplished musicians with great experience in both the concert setting and in playing for dances. Ceri Rhys Matthews & Julie Murphy from the visionary, pioneering Welsh group Fernill; Peni & Stef from the infectiously groovy, high energy Mordekkers; Martin & Sille from the artful, timeless Welsh-Estonian duo SILD.
This orchard bears the fruits of dance music long-planted. Lovingly nurtured, grafted and pruned into astonishing new types and varieties their music is nourishing, flavoursome, fragrant and pungent.
The Orchard Dance Band play between them bagpipes, fiddles, flutes, bombards, mandolas, guitar, squeeze boxes and with a singer to die for they send dancing feet whirling through set dances, couples and circles, rondes and gavottes. 
Irresistible music from THE ORCHARD DANCE BAND.
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