Kidnap Alice

Kidnap Alice are a Dalston based band who mix up bluegrass and Appalachian old time with blues, folk and original material. With soulful vocals and tight arrangements from a classic acoustic stringband line up, the band bridge the gap between vintage R’n’B and Appalachian mountain music.
Kidnap Alice had their debut festival performance at Glastonbury Festival 2010, opening the Club DaDa stage in Shangri La for Global Local. The band went on to perform at many other festivals including LoveBox, Secret Garden Party, Bestival and the Big Chill, gathering a firm following along the way. In 2011 the band continued on the roll with 2 rural tours, gigs across the capital including the Shakespeare's Globe and the National Theatre, and performances at over 20 summer festivals - both mainstream and on the folk and bluegrass circuit – winning fans and enchanting audiences at all, and proving a cross-over success.
In February 2011 the band recorded their debut self-titled album in a Suffolk village hall and subsequently self released two months later on Two For Joy Records and launched at Dalston's eponymous underground venue The Old Boys Hall in April. The album features a mix of traditional material and self-penned songs and tunes inspired by English and American folk and bluegrass.
Kidnap Alice have become firm favourites on the underground London Folk circuit with regular performances at The Magpie's Nest Collective (Islington), Woodburner (Hackney) and The Green Note (Camden). The band were born out of the Cut A Shine Hoedown Collective, the original Hackney Hoedown band, who've been staging sell out 500 capacity hoedowns in London for over 7 years and are responsible for bringing across the pond some of the best in American Bluegrass bands.
Here's our favourite quote: "Kidnap Alice play soulful, beautiful songs and channel the oldest and newest in their own celebratory style. The musicianship wipes the floor with anything else you'd see in our fad-driven music industry and Alice's voice blows me away. Their version of Dink song makes me cry. The album is stunning" Mr Johnny Flynn.
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