John Langan Band

John Langan - guitar/lead vocals/percussion 
Dave Tunstall - double bass/backing vocals
Alastair Caplin - fiddle/backing vocals 

High energy, unhinged, and musically extravagant, taking traditional acoustic idioms and delivering with punk abandonment and virtuosic flare. A dynamic three piece offering a unique sound emerging from Celtic, Gypsy Swing, Roma and Flamenco and tuned in savvy.
Wrapping pan european traditional acoustic music with infectious grooves, epic, pounding, sing along, punch the air anthems to intricately arranged instrumentals. 
Challenging the limitations of what people might expect acoustic instruments to sound like, the use of bowed harmonics between fiddle and bass can be as menacing and eerie as it can be psychedelic and mesmerising. 
Percussion provided by the front man Langan, whilst singing and driving the rythm guitar, he somehow co-ordinates the operating of a cajon and a tambourine with his feet bringing the driving, swinging groove of the rhythm guitar together with his foot percussion resulting in an impressively tight band sound with a tempo that is free to go anywhere. 
Add scorching hot fiddle lines and a guy thumping the groove out a double bass. 
If you're not dancing like a professional ostrich you get a refund. 




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