Christine Cooper

Once upon a time there came a girl from wild west Wales, where the sea eats the land inch by inch. She sought the voices of the mermaids, and she loved all that was dark and beautiful. She span the the wild west wind into a fine thread and wove it into songs and stories.

Christine is a performer, storyteller and musician, who uses her fiddle and banjo to gently blow away the thin layer of dust that has settled over old folk songs and stories. In 2009 Christine was invited to perform at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall in Washington DC. In 2010 an album she co-produced and featured on was awarded the Independent Music Award for Best Album in the World Music category, the judges of which include Tom Waits and Judy Collins. Christine is twice winner of the International Welsh Celtic Fiddle Competition, and was shortlisted for two British Awards for Storytelling Excellence in 2012: Best Adaption and Standout Storytelling Performance. She has toured internationally.

“the weekend’s standout… impossible to top” Leslie Berman, New York Times
“I’m totally won over… poignant, quirky, fragile and poky” froots
“beautiful” Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

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